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About Arifa Muzaffar

Arifa Muzaffar was born in Mian Channo, Pakistan. She received her education in Pakistan and obtained a Bachelor in Botany and Chemistry and a Masters in Special Education.

Mrs. Muzaffar, along with her husband, Muzaffar Ali immigrated to Canada in 1995. She began her career in the Insurance industry and received much acclaim in a short period of time. However, her passion had always revolved around serving the community. Building on her initial media career and success in Pakistan, Mrs. Muzaffar commenced her media journey in Toronto in 1998 with conducting a live talk-show on a local radio channel in Toronto. Thereafter, she devoted her efforts to the betterment of the community through the medium of electronic media, delivering programming primarily in Urdu and Punjabi languages.

Mrs. Muzaffar is a strong campaigner of communities to portray discipline, unity, togetherness and commitment. She provides a safe, unbiased and comfortable platform for thousands of South Asians to voice and assist the community with their experiences, celebrations, concerns and opportunities. She provides a forum for disciplined and non-judgemental discussions around topics that cover a full spectrum of our lives, including strengthening of families, challenges faced by our youth, cultivation of civic responsibility, the need to respect the environment —— and the list goes on.

Mrs. Muzaffar is a pillar of strength and profile of optimism to her communities whose lives she enriches daily. Her dynamic personality, conservative charm and humbleness, conviction in her voice and determination in her eyes continue to serve hundreds and thousands of South Asian community members to achieve strength, confidence, focus, solace and hope.

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